About the project

Not for profit - but for Gods kingdom

This is one of the projects driven by Kingdom Tech, an organization that aims to develop tech solutions that can advance the Kingdom of God.

How is it possible that we can serve this for free, you may ask. Ofcourse do we have expenses too, so if you want to support us financially, please follow to the Kingdom Tech website to find ways to give and help.

The future of WEWO

We want to serve the project for free forever, and we want you to take part in our journey. If you are an active contributor or just a user, we want to hear your thoughts!

Please contact us and lets keep in touch if you think this is a good project and you want to test it or use it.


2019 - Starting the project

Early 2019 the project was started as a proof-of-concept.

2020 - Finalizing first version

The web-version is done and functionality for schedule, custom backgrounds and syncing settings will be done. Install as a web-app.

2021 - Standalone app

The app-version will be launched in App-store and Google Play store. WEWO works offline and through second screen connection from your smartphone, wireless or with a cable.

May be subject of change